Legal Advisory / Support

  1. Strategic Guidance

    Offering guidance on developing strategies for responding to government claims and investigations.

  2. Regulatory Compliance Analysis

    Evaluating provider operations to ensure compliance with government regulations and identifying areas of potential risk.

  3. Risk Assessment

    Conducting assessments of potential liabilities and risks associated with government claims.

  4. Whistleblower Allegations Management

    Advising on handling qui tam cases, including assessing the validity of whistleblower allegations and formulating defense strategies.

  5. Investigation Support

    Assisting in responding to government investigations, including coordinating with investigators, managing document requests, and facilitating interviews.

  6. Document Management and E-Discovery

    Developing efficient systems for managing and producing documents required during the defense process, including e-discovery solutions.

  7. Compliance Program Development

    Creating or enhancing compliance programs to prevent future regulatory issues and demonstrating commitment to compliance.

  8. Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

    Conducting due diligence reviews to assess potential risks associated with mergers, acquisitions, or other corporate transactions.

  9. Audit Support

    Preparing for and responding to audits by Medicare and Medicaid contractors, helping clients navigate complex billing and reimbursement issues.

  10. Internal Investigations

    Conducting internal investigations to identify and rectify potential compliance issues before they escalate.

  11. Expert Witness Services

    Providing expert witnesses with relevant industry knowledge to testify on behalf of a provider when necessary.

  12. Government Relations and Advocacy

    Engaging with government agencies on behalf of clients to address regulatory concerns and advocate for favorable outcomes.

  13. Training and Education

    Offering training programs to educate employees on compliance with government regulations and best practices.

  14. Crisis Management

    Developing crisis management plans and providing support during reputational crises or public relations challenges.

  15. Data Privacy and Security Compliance

    Ensuring that provider data is handled in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

  16. Public Policy Analysis

    Monitoring changes in government policies and regulations that may impact the provider’s industry and providing strategic advice.